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Safety Helmets

IH 1002 N

Standard Nape strap type Inner Harness, available with 6 point polyethylene cradle. Comfortable gripping, easy to adjust by press & Pull only. Compatible with Part No. 1002

IH 1001 R

Ratchet type Inner Harness, easy to adjust, push –in sprung locking mechanism ensure secure hold when adjusted. Easy comfortable gripping, available with 6 point polyethylene / textile cradle and comfortable brushed nylon sweat band. compatible with Part No. 1001

IH 1005

Inner Harness made of high quality Rexene head band and textile cradle strap. Easy to adjust by clip.
Compatible with Part Nos. 1005

IH 1004 NT

Superior quality Nape Strap Inner Harness, made of polyethylene, superior textile cradle gives optimum comfort during prolonged use. Also available with polyethylene cradle also. Nape strap headband gives good retention on the head. Compatible with Part Nos. 1003 & 1004

SG A01

Total safety™ range of safeguard Face shield are compatible with any of our safety helmet, available with chin guard also if protection for the frontal neck area is required. Compatible with Part No. 1002

EM 01 H

Helmet mounted Ear Muff fully integrated  Total safety™ range of Safety helmet Connect accessories, and are compatible with Executive(1001) & uni-Z+(1004)

Helmets. Stylish in design Comfortable during prolonged use gives effective protection against noise.

Elastic adjustable strap with chin cup and clip

Elastic adjustable strap with chin cup and clip, Clip on type comfortable in use adjustment can be done from the either sides. Fitted with chin cup.